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MHS is committed to ensuring accessibility to people with disabilities throughout the 2023 Nationals programming. The venues selected for the project are all compliant with current accessibility requirements. They are Santa Ana Community College, the Orange County Fair concert venue and the Cerrito Center for the Performing Arts. All of these venues comply with both state and Federal requirements for accessibility. 


MHS staff is available to help enrolled students and audience participants get appropriate information about accessibility assistance, how to get help, who to contact at MHS and at each venue. 


MHS staff is prepared to assist with accessibility accommodations by request and will facilitate assistance for audience members including disabled access to all venues, including parking, telecommunications devices for the deaf, service animals, and restroom access. 


For questions or assistance with accessibility please contact Yolanda Hernandez at 626-279-1700.


For specific information on the accessibility assistance available at each venue, please visit:





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